Pretty Lights

I came across Pretty Lights not long ago. If I remember correctly, it was Jesper’s recommendation. And as like any other good recommendation, Pretty Lights became a little bit of an obsession.

 The first tune I listened to was Finally Moving from the album Taking up Your Precious Time, and he got me there. It’s a beautiful remix of the amazing Etta James’ Something’s Got a Hold On Me.  


After I listened to this tune like there was no other thing to listen to, I decided to give Pretty Lights repertoire a good spin. To my surprise, not only he made beautiful chillaxing tunes, but he also had very funky tunes. The type that make you want to dance, or at least bang your head. Give a listen to the following two tunes…

I got really into his music and for 2 years I wondered when would he come to perform in London. The wait was long, but it finally happened! Last September, we were lucky enough to have him here for a one only show in London, in the Electric Ballroom in Camden. Funnily enough, the same week the tickets were released, Jesper and I were saying how, with all the gigs that we go to, we’ve never been to this venue for real gigs (during the day it’s used as part of the market). There’s nothing like hitting two birds with one stone 🙂

Thoughts from the night: the DJ before Pretty Lights (I am sorry I didn’t catch his name) was awesome, and made sure we were in party mood for when Pretty Lights came to stage. We were even a bit concerned that he was a bit too much upbeat and that Pretty Lights wouldn’t be that hardcore (the DJ before was cracking some Knife Party, Feed Me and Nero tunes…) but to our surprise, Pretty Lights was beyond that.

He wasn’t giving a damn. He wasn’t there for joking, he was giving it all, and so was the crowd. We didn’t stop dancing until we left. It was amazing. That feeling of finally experiencing the music you love live is absolutely priceless. Some people looked at me like I was crazy or on drugs, even though I was completely sober – not a single drop of alcohol. That’s how much I was enjoying the music.

We also had some time to photo-document the night,  I hope you enjoy 🙂

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