Burning House

I have a problem where, whenever I find a tune I like (or album, or band…) I listen to it on repeat-1. Until it hurts.

So when people recommend some new music to listen to I usually keep the recommendations aside and come back to them when I’m done with my obsession at the time.  Then I am desperate for new things to discover. Run into something unexpected that simply blows my mind away.

I have a few solutions for this problem: one is get a hand on my folder on Spotify “New Stuff To Listen To” where all recommendations end up and play something randomly.

But, I found a better approach that makes me even happier and excited. Go to gigs. Not any specific gigs. Random gigs. Gigs recommended by friends. Gigs of bands I know absolutely nothing about.

Normal people would do some research prior to the gig, find out whether the music is their cup of tea or not. While I sometimes do this (especially if the gig is not particularly cheap), I’ve discovered that going to these shows without hearing anything beforehand gives me a much more interesting experience.

This is risky, as it can go both ways: you either love it or you hate it.  And I wouldn’t recommend it to people who are picky on their musical taste. But if you are like me, where there are little things you dislike and listen from classical to heavy metal and beyond, then give it a go, you’ll find that you’ll be greatly surprised – or extremely disappointed, but in that case, I’d just leave 🙂

Last week, thanks to our lovely friend Amandine, we had the opportunity to go to Cargo for a band we’ve never heard of before: Burning House. Great chance to put the experiment to the test!

It was a long time since I was in Cargo – so long, the back yard looked completely different since the last time I was there. I forgot how cosy of a venue it is. We arrived early and we were pretty much the first ones there.

At first I was a bit scared, it was already showtime and it was just the 5 of us there. Some more people started coming. Musicians on stage, show started.

The duo,  Hervé Salters aka RV Salters (keyboards) and Chief Xcel (DJ) were accompanied by a drummer and a bass player with really cool afro hair.

Their sound is 70s funky with a nice electronic twist and incredibly fun.

They also know how to put on a good show. Check out a video I took from the first row (quality unfortunately not great, but you get an idea of the dances RV was pulling while playing the keyboards).

Details of the dancing (at real speed..)  Details of the dancing (at real speed..)


Burning House just released their new (first) album Walking into a Burning House  so go and check it out because it’s awesome. It’s now available on Amazon, iTunes, Rough Trade and Deezer.

My favourite tunes so far: Tokyo Airport, Post Party Stress Disorder and Turn Off The Robot. Enjoy!

Great fun evening and super glad I got the opportunity to discover their music the way I did. Thanks again to Amandine for inviting us along!




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