Techstars London day 2: A quick one

So, I just wrote a very nice post that it is lost because Squarespace doesn’t have autosave (waaa?).

So in a nutshell, great day, a bit of induction on mentor madness which is scheduled for next week, a couple of meetings with Hacksociates to touch base about a few things we want to help with and generally getting used to the fact that I am back in an office environment (with tons of people) (*). 

Also, I was planning to work a bit more tonight before heading to bed, but fear not, I left my laptop charger in the office and vagrant (virtualbox) it is not nice to battery life. (**) and (***).

On the plus side, the nice ladies that run Warner Yard, Linda and Emma gave me a chest of drawers for my desk, so epic win! 

So early night for me  to be ready for CTO meeting early morning and deep dive…

Night night, and thanks for reading.

(*) Time to get a new good pair of headphones

(**) /giphy facepalm


(***) /giphy fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu

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