Techstars London day 4: Still standing

This will be a short post. I just arrived home after a lovely walk home (after a few drinks) with an unexpected (but wonderful) companion.

Today I would say it was a good day. I got to code some more (yes!) finishing off a few tasks on my list that were getting in the way. So today I could move onto a more interesting task! Hooray!

No meetings today for us other than the all hands meeting which involves all the companies in the cohort and the hacksociates together. During this meeting, everyone gets together and we share what was the best during the week, if there was something that went incredibly wrong and if there’s anything we want to ask for. Since it is just our first week, there was not much to report.

Also, some companies presented to the rest of us what they are building and I have to say, pretty impressed with what I have seen!

We also had a visit from founders from a couple of companies that went through Techstars in previous cohorts – this is known as founder stories, which bring more insights into what it means to be part of Techstars. So far they all agree: it has been one of the best experiences, and so far I can agree with that.

After that, we headed to the pub where we were invited to have some drinks and food and mingle with fellow companies. Also, the Ambie guys got to show us what they are all about and delighted us with a sample playlist and some shots at the end (which i didn’t partake in because my body simply can’t handle shots and I needed to take the picture!).

Such nice gang, wow
Such nice gang, wow

To finish the night, I got to walk home with Tak who I run into on my way home and convinced him that waiting for the bus was a bad idea considering the tube strike. And I am glad he accepted my invitation to walk together, cause we had a very deep but beautiful and helpful conversation. So, thanks Tak for not thinking I am just completely mad – or if you think so, just thanks for coping up with me 😉

And now, time to sleep, but before a quick summary of the day…

Time I went to sleep last night: 1.39am

Total hours of sleep: 5.18

Mood for the day: happy

Gin & Tonics: around 4 (Singles – might explain the mood)

Shots: 0 (Thank God)

Level of tiredness: actually not too bad

Hugs given: at least 4

High fives from Ben Southworth: 1 (and it *was* a proper one) 

Soundtrack for the day (contrary to what Stan may think, this is a good tune!):

The pressure timer...
The pressure timer…

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