Techstars London day 7: Working on a Sunday

Nothing new about working on a Sunday. Whoever has worked on a startup before knows well that you are in working mode 24/7. This has been my life for the last year (and prior to that the early years at Mendeley). 

You do it because you love it. Because even though you are tired, you are broke, you don’t see your family/partner much, and you forget what the word ‘holiday’ means, it brings you a kind of satisfaction that it’s difficult to explain. People working in startups feel part of something. Something that starts small and gets big(*).

You feel like you belong. You feel your ideas matter. And they do: the success of a company is up to absolutely everyone involved in it. 

And when you feel you belong, you feel damn good. 

This was the case when I was an early employee at Mendeley and much more so now that I am a co-founder of Headliner. Being part of Techstars feels of belonging in a much bigger scale.

Today we went to the office. It was quiet and peaceful. A few other companies and hacksociates were there. You could feel it in the air, people were enjoying being there working and making things happen. Also, our new CFO joined us. Check out how cool he is:

Charlie Feathers, the new Chief Fluffy Officer. Photo credit: Stan.
Charlie Feathers, the new Chief Fluffy Officer. Photo credit: Stan.

Tomorrow mentor madness week starts, so we went through the list of people we will be meeting. Let me tell you, we will have *lots* of meetings. And I know this week is gonna be hard (will have very little time to code) – but our excitement just keeps growing.

We have plenty of ideas we can’t wait to implement! 

So today it was quiet. Tomorrow, I am sure it won’t be.

Summary of the day:

Time I went to bed last night: 2.21am (I’ll admittedly say, I was at a friend’s house party drinking Margaritas – good fun)
Hours of sleep: 8.27 (hooray!)
Hangover: slightly
Mood for the day: chilled but productive
Steps walked this week: 118645
Soundtrack for the weekend: (Also, TIL, John Talabot is Spanish!)

(*)  Or at least has the potential to become big, if not, what the hell are you doing?!

PS: Yesterday I decided not to blog because, well, I took part of the day off – Remember when I said I could not feel the tiredness? Well, I definitely could yesterday morning. 

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