Techstars London day 8: Mentor Madness

Right people, this day had to come at some point. Today was the first of 10 days of what at Techstars is called Mentor Madness. Essentially works like speed dating. You are given 20 minutes with each mentor where you can explain what you and your company do, ask relevant questions and just like when you are in speed dating; find out whether you like who you meet while at the same time making an impression so they can like you back. 

Each day is a back to back with 7 people. It’s a bit exhausting to be honest. But absolutely every meeting we had was great. We got good feedback, ideas and a few challenges. All you need to move forward.

The mentors are here! 
The mentors are here! 

Then we had a quick lunch break and I went straight into Technical Office Hours. During these sessions, experts from different technology providers will come down to speak about how awesome their technology is and how they can help you based on your architecture. 

Today it was Google’s turn and I have to say, I was impressed in what Google App Engine (and all the Google Cloud Platform ecosystem) offers. However, I am still not entirely convinced on how they make you manage your database. I guess it is just a question of getting in the mindset of not using a relational database and just developing your application with your data backend as a blackbox (architecture permitting that is). I admittedly say, I need to read on this, but that’s what I got from the meeting: take it as a blackbox where you dump data and you later retrieve it through the API. But the thing I like the most was the prospect of not having to worry about scaling the infrastructure yourself and just leave it to them. I know you can do this in AWS with ELB and AutoScaling, but with Google you just get it out of the box. Something to think about for sure.

So great feedback day and session with the Googlers, but (and yes there is a but, for the first time since we started the program), despite all this, I must admit I was not feeling well today. I barely had time to code and I felt we were a little bit all over the place due to so many meetings. But tomorrow will be another day and I am sure it will go well. So chin up. Always keep pushing and looking forward. 

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:52
Total hours of sleep: 5.23 (2.45 light sleep + 2.38 deep sleep)
Mood: slightly cranky and irritated (I think the lack of a good full night sleep is starting to creep up)
Soundtrack of the day: (for obvious reasons).

And that’s all folks! (Until tomorrow)

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