Techstars London Day 10: Crazy hours will make you double park

Disclaimer: All the emoticons today are dedicated to Tak, since he explicitly asked for them. Enjoy bruv! 

Shout out!: To all you lovely people that are reading these posts, retweeting and letting me know that you are enjoying the blogging. You give me motivation to be writing even though i should probably be sleeping at this very moment. 

Ok my friends, middle of the week. I hit a record today! I woke up at 5:45am (*) 😱! And I am absolutely knackered 😱😱! 

We had a very early CTO meeting – 7.30am. You see, when there’s mentor madness, we still get together to discuss CTO stuff, which is very exclusive stuff that CTOs talk about; there were a few intruders (Gideon, I am looking at you!), but we are a nice bunch and we allow it 😏 

I was totally dead. I arrived by 7.10am in the office and there was literally one other person there. 

Feeling a nausea creeping up 😵, I dragged myself to the kitchen to get a coffee (coffee gives me migraines, but it cures the exhaustion nausea and sometimes you just need to compromise) – but oh no! The coffee machine is not working 💩💩💩! 

At that time Łukasz from NomNom arrived and we went to Exmouth Market to grab a quick ☕️ before heading into the meeting. By the time we came back to the office, Tak was downstairs waiting for some more people to guess what: go to Exmouth market to do the meeting there! Whaaaat 😳😳??? We just came back from there! And it’s raining!! (And we had no 🌂).

As I am writing this, I am realising that it might sound pretty boring and that I am whining, but let me assure you, it was actually great fun: the back and forth in the rain, the confusion 😕 in our faces (do we stay? do we go? are they coming back?). 

You see, extreme tiredness gets me either into “silly survival mode” or “extremely cranky mode” – today it was the turn of silly survival mode, aka embrace the tiredness and giggle at everything. In all seriousness now, great meeting. 

After that, straight into mentor madness 🙈. Yesterday though, after discussing it with Stan and Maria, we decided that I would only join for the meetings that would make sense that I join, not because I do not want to meet all the mentors (which I do!) but because someone has to do the coding. And that someone happens to be me 🐒. So today I only joined 3 of them (all great btw) – despite that, not much code done unfortunately, though certainly more than the rest of this week (it’s never enough!). 

We went to lunch and had a chat about how the meetings went and how we could improve the story telling of what we are all about. I think we are getting really good at it now – lots of practice! 

At about 2:45pm I started feeling on the verge of collapsing 💀. It was getting all a bit ridiculous. More meetings, this time with a couple of hacksociates to touch on some design work that needs to be done and later with the lovely Sendgrid guys at technical office hours. 

And finally, 6.30pm arrives. By this time… I just can’t remember any more. I went down to Iberica (lovely Spanish restaurant by Farringdon) for dinner. And that’s how the double parking came about – to basically survive the dinner before heading home, write this post and hit the hay. That’s 🍷🍸🍤🎉

So having said all that, here’s the summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 23:27
Total hours of sleep: 6.13 (2:28h light sleep vs 3:45h of deep sleep – making some progress here!)
Mood: Utterly dog-tired (**) 
Soundtrack of the day: (<— This is a great tune! Go on and listen to it! And watch the TV show ‘Utopia’ where it is from – good stuff!)

(*) Dom, is this early enough for you now? 😝

(**) I am running out of ways to express the tiredness I am feeling at this moment, and I will need a good scale if I want to have a good track of this – for the time being, “utterly dog-tired” is a combination of synonyms that Google suggested for “Absolutely exhausted”. If any native English speaker wants to send a cool phrase my way, this Spaniard💃 will be happy to learn cool idioms. 

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