Techstars London day 11: It’s party time!

Quick one today since there’s not much new stuff to report that I haven’t talked about yet. 

Another great morning meeting mentors. We get the feeling that the idea is going down well and we are likeable people 🙂 

Quick deep dive (only 45 minutes this time) with Max, Ben and Jon to talk through our big rocks and a nice TODO list for next week.

Today is Thursday and that means….All hands meeting! And drinks afterwards! Special today though, it’s Playfair Capital’s Summer party and I intend to have a drink or two (not many though!). And if there’s a chance, then show some moves like these.

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:27
Total hours of sleep: 6:27
Mood: tired, but happy and looking forward to the party. Also, I am hungry.
Soundtrack for the day:

I will keep posting if I survive this party! Good nigh!

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