Techstars London day 14: Time to get some numbers

No posts this last weekend. After the Mentor Madness last week and the party on Thursday I was pretty much dead all weekend. Mentally and physically exhausted, so I decided to take the weekend off and spend some time sleeping. It totally worked!

Today was what I consider a good day. Started it early, Maria and I were meeting Jules Coleman from for breakfast, to learn more about her experience as the co-founder of a marketplace. Pretty successful you see? They just got acquired! And she’s like the nicest person!

Then head to the office. Today was good in terms of meetings – only 2. One with Stan and Maria (our standup) and another one for technical office hours with Rackspace. Nice to meet these chaps.

This week is all about getting analytics. And Google is making my head spin a bit. The documentation for the old analytics was much more clear than the current Universal Analytics. The documentation is a bit all over the place and it took me a while to get my head around custom dimensions vs custom metrics. But I think I finally got it. The most annoying thing about this though, I won’t be able to see any data until tomorrow…So maybe tomorrow I figure I have been sending the wrong data all along. Hopefully not 🙂

And talking about 💩, today there was a problem with the toilets in the building and there was a lovely smell all around the office. Yes, that is written sarcasm. It was disgusting. But it got resolved quickly!

So apart from that, pretty uneventful day when it comes to super exciting stuff, but I am writing things off my list, and that feels productive. Getting things done feels good.

I did make a new friend. And it’s the cutest thing I have seen today: Plio the robotic dinosaur.

And now it’s time to head home and spend some time with my wonderful boyfriend. Not seeing him as much anymore is by far the hardest thing in this program.

And the clock keeps ticking:


Summary of the day:

Total hours of sleep during the last weekend: ~20h (I had an epic siesta of 3hours on Saturday)
Time I went to sleep last night: 00:40
Total hours of sleep: 6:07
Mood: concentrated, happy and productive
Soundtrack of the day


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