Techstars London day 15: Progress

I felt great this morning. I had 7:23 hours sleep! Yay!

Arrive nice and early to the office. And not only I was well rested, but Charlie Feathers was there! Yay! Fluffy cuddles!

Fluffy cuddles ❤

And believe me, I needed them. I am still dealing with analytics, and they are not my forté. But, there has been progress in that front. Following the great advice from Sofia at NomNom, I started looking at Mixpanel.

I am aware that Google Analytics is a great tool and very complete, but really, for the kind of numbers we are trying to pull at the moment, it is too convoluted. I am sure further down the line it will be good for us – but it takes a whole lot of time to get it right, time I am lacking. Mixpanel is simple, yet powerful and it is progress. And that’s what you want when you are running a startup, progress and keep moving forward as fast as you can.

One of the best things about being in Techstars is having office space. I spent the past year working from home, bootstrapping and coding away. Heck, there were days where I didn’t even go out  and felt completely isolated from society.

One of the things I missed the most from my job at Mendeley was the people. I spent 5 years of my life working there; from the very first year of its conception to the time it got acquired. Many came and many went, but most of my friends in London are from my years at Mendeley (including my boyfriend 😜).

And I am lucky enough that the Techstars office is literally round the corner from my old office. I’ve had a few déja vu moments since starting in the new office, especially since the way to work is exactly the same. But today was a bit more special, since I met with a few ex-colleagues for lunch; it almost felt like I had never left, that I was still working there (even though I went into their office and literally just knew a handful of people!). It was great to catch up!

After lunch I met with Elsa, the hacksociate designer! She’s great and has been doing some user testing on our platform and pointing out areas we should focus on improving the UX; some of them things that we have discussed before and they are already on my ever-growing TODO list.

Having said that, certain degree of frustration invades me when people point out things that you know needs to be fixed and are already in your ever-growing list of doom. Not because you don’t welcome the feedback (which I do!), but because it just reminds you the amount of things you want to fix and the very little time you have to do everything. But equally, I enjoy when people point out things you haven’t thought of and are crucial; so I just need to find a way to make my days longer for a few extra hours and the frustration due to lack of time will go away. Or just keep prioritising 🙂

I wish days were 30 hours long or that I didn’t need more than 6 hours of sleep a day. But it doesn’t work like that. And the little sleep I had last week took its toll. I have this very annoying chesty cough that just doesn’t want to go away. I am losing my voice…

This evening, the Techstars crew went down to Regent’s Park for a nice after-work international food picnic. A shame I had something else on my diary, cause I am sure it was all delicious!

Instead of the picnic I went down to the Moo offices to a talk by Sam Philips, Head of Technology at Shutl, where he shared his story on scaling engineering teams in pre & post acquisition. A lot resonated with me from my Mendeley days. It was a nice reminder on how you just need to use common sense when it comes to managing people and hiring. The main takeaways from the talk in my opinion were: interview for empathy (you really want to work with nice people that can relate to others) and communication, leave the code nicer than when you found it, and don’t sweat the process (referring to being ‘Agile’). Like I said, use your common sense.

And that’s all for today. From reading this, you probably have noticed I am feeling a little bit all over the place. Hopefully tomorrow I can write a more coherent piece. Until then… peace out!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 23:48
Total hours of sleep: 7:23
Mood: meh, all over the place – but in a positive way
Soundtrack of the day (because it represents well the mood):


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