Techstars London day 16: On fleek!

Today was a fabulous day!

Started with the CTO meeting, which I have to say I am liking more and more. It’s a great forum for discussing ideas, asking for help and just basically share the pain that such a responsibility role entitles.

When you have a small team like ours, it’s good to be able to bounce ideas off people outside your business. The feedback you get is much more objective and you can see things much more clearly; even if they don’t give you the solution you are after, they serve as rubber ducking 🙂

So I continued my quest to push the tracking into analytics dashboards. And let me tell you, Mixpanel is the way to go. Easy to set up, easy to understand. I will be looking at to perhaps push more data onto other services, but for now this will do. And then plug that into Geckoboard and boom! Sorted.

After lunch I met with the lovely people that run Microsoft Ventures. Full disclosure, I have met them before, since Jesper’s company was in the last cohort – truly nice people. The best about the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator is that you get tons support, mentorship, free office space and other perks for 0% equity of your company. Pretty sweet deal eh?

Spent the rest of the evening working with Google Spreadsheets API – again, not impressed with documentation (examples of clients only in Java and .NET, waaat?). But found a pretty straight forward library for python that works wonderfully, so tomorrow I will finish the second part of my reporting. And then I can forget about analytics for a few days.

We have also made good advances in terms of where to focus our efforts next when it comes to product; and we believe that the next feature we’ll work on will be a good drive for growth. So can’t wait to get my hands dirty on that! I could totally feel the high spirits in all of us!

Oh yes I love productive days! Wohoo! Enjoying this feeling…

Too bad it won’t last long since tomorrow is deep dive and our dreams will probably be crashed. But until then, yeah yeah yeah!

Time to head home…see ya!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:54
Total hours of sleep: 5:42
Mood: Hell yeah!  (aka, super happy with my productivity today)
Soundtrack of the day:


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