Techstars London day 18: A very quick one, I am (nearly) dead

Nothing particularly especial today. Awesome week overall though 🙂

I arrived a bit later than usual to the office following, you know, a Thursday night full of G&Ts (just a couple, but combined with little sleep it feels like lots of them!). Also mind you, “later” is 9.30am. I try to be at the office around 8am every day.

I am exhausted though. The morning was relatively ok, but by lunch time I started  to get a bit tired and especially now (9.40pm) I am about to pass out.

I left the office early after a couple of Ping Pong games. One lost (against Alex from SpotTech – will totally get back to him on that) and one won (against Nakkeeran, yay!).

I have been cooking tonight for a few friends and they are waiting for me to finish the post to get back to eating!

So, today was just another day in the office after a great Thursday night full of laughter and little bit of craziness with some special people. And that is another great thing of the Techstars family.

Have a good weekend people and catch you later!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 1:58
Total hours of sleep: 5:29
Steps walked this week: 66847
Mood: slightly gloomy right now due mainly to this stupid weather.
Soundtrack of the day:

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