Techstars London day 21: Welcome back, madness

Hey there! Another week starts. But this is not an ordinary week. We are back to Mentor Madness!

This last weekend there were no posts because I essentially spent the weekend taking it easy and recharging the batteries for this week. So I decided to spare you all a blog post of how much I slept and how much pampering I got(*).

The truth is, I’ve had a chesty cough for the last week and a half. And it is very annoying. I can’t stop coughing and can barely sleep properly.

So back to Monday. And back to Mentor Madness. Though I am not. The first week of Mentor Madness we refined our story and got pretty good feedback, so Stan is happy to go to the meetings on his own while Maria and I focus on building the community and coding, respectively.

After mentor madness we grabbed a quick lunch before meeting with Monique Maley of Articulate Persuasion, who visited last week for a mini-MBA(**). It was absolutely brilliant! She was helping us refine the pitch when it comes to talk to investors. She also gave me a few pieces of advice about speaking in public or important meetings.

You see, there are times (like always) when I have to do these things; I don’t like it much and I get a bit anxious; this is when red rash starts spreading from my chest up. It doesn’t hurt nor itch, however the temperature of my body rises and I can feel it crawling to my face. And it is totally uncomfortable, mainly because it is so bloody obvious. And it doesn’t help when people point it out either. So she was sharing some tips on how to prevent this. Will let you know how those go!

It’s funny because many years ago I used to do theatre and I didn’t have this problem. But today Monique explained (and rightly so!) that it is so much easier to memorise someone else’s script and have an “alter ego” than expose ourselves and our thoughts.

I spent the afternoon coding some more and crossing a few things off my ever-growing TODO list. Only annoying thing is I finished a bit late and couldn’t make it to my yoga class! But tomorrow will have to go to the 7am class; I am just getting used to wake up at insane hours and I am liking it(***).

And that’s all today. Tomorrow some more. But before, the summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep at night: 23:45
Total hours of sleep: 6:38
Mood: Happy! Productive!
Soundtrack of the day:
(probably more suitable for a Friday night, but who cares! #LoveMondays)

Who  said programmers cannot have pretty nails? #codercuticles #pampering
Who said programmers cannot have pretty nails? #codercuticles #pampering

(*) Who said programmers cannot have pretty nails?

(**) Which unfortunately I did not attend, since it is mainly for CEOs; and I was, well, coding. But thanks to Maria who managed to get us an extra meeting with Monique! 🙂

(***) Not.



And here’s a video of animals for Maria, who wasn’t feeling well today and we missed her much in the office! Get well soon my lovely!

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