Techstars London day 23: Thanks mentors!

Quick post today cause it is late and I am dead tired.

Just arrived home from Mentor Drinks this evening. Basically an opportunity to chat to mentors in a more relaxed way (over a few beers, which it always helps) and as a thank you for taking their precious time to help us all.

It was a very nice evening. We had some food (delicious sushi), plenty of beer and very nice music, curated by Ben from Ambie. Later on in the night we had some performance by the Terrible Twins in a Sound Clash, and even yours truly, dared to play a few tunes (and by the reactions, they seemed to go down pretty well).

It seems like we party a lot, but like I said in previous posts, #WorkHardPlayHard – there’s not *that* much partying, but there is a lot of socialising; and that is great. Life and business is about human connections and getting along with people, and as startup founders, it is part of the job.

Thanks mentors!
Thanks mentors!

People often get surprised when they find out I am the CTO. I am not the average developer or geek. I do love geeking around and from time to time I love hiding behind the computer. And, trust me, for me, the whole networking thing is a real challenge. And Techstars is being a great playground to face it; and so far so good.

Parties aside, today was an incredibly productive day. It’s quite unbelievable how from one day to another you can see things in a different light and problems that you saw yesterday as impossible, get resolved in less than 10 minutes the following day. It’s all a question of attitude; and it seems to get reset after a good night sleep.

So next time you are having a shitty day, when everything goes completely opposite as it should be, take a deep breath and a good break, focus on something else and relax; or do some exercise – it always helps! The next day everything will be better. That’s what a proper night sleep does. Take it from some who’s sleeping an average of 5 hours a day, has constant ups and downs but it’s still keeping her chin up no matter what.

And thank everyone who’s supporting you in any way (no matter what you do in life, there’s always people around you to support you and love you) and giving their precious time for you.

So with that in mind, thank you all mentors, all of you people reading the blog, and especially Jesper, who keeps coping with my crazy schedules and natural madness (accentuated by everything we have just been talking about).

I am truly a lucky (and hard worker) girl, who’s grateful for life.

Hope you all have a good night. Tomorrow is a big day, so I am hitting the hay. Night night.

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep at night: 00:10
Total hours of sleep: 6:20
Mood: Dead tired – Grateful – Enjoying every moment: just like this cat.
Soundtrack of the day:

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