Techstars London day 24: What we do at Headliner

Today was a special day. Thursdays tend to be at Techstars anyway, but today was extra special for us. Today we got out of the building again – Steve Blank would be proud!

We were in the office all morning. While Stan was on the mentor madness meetings Maria and I carried on with our tasks for the week. After lunch, we went into our deep dive. And right after, we left the office and headed down to Hampton Court Palace to attend the Facebook Summer Party. The reason for us being there is that they use to book their entertainment of course!

We have encountered people that find it difficult to understand what value do we bring. And sometimes it is hard to explain with words. And since pictures and videos speak louder than words, I am gonna leave you with a nice collection of the ones we took this evening, so you get a feel of what we do 🙂

Cafe Manouche, gypsy beats:

Book them on Headliner!

Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer:

Book him on Headliner!

The amazing PYTs:

You can also book them on Headliner!

Cafe Manouche – Book them on headliner:
The Spanish sass
Maria and her piercing blue eyes
The Headliner ladies
Do a little dance
The PYTs
Headliner’s Dream Team

And that’s all folks! We are essentially facilitators of fun! By having live music, you make your event a trillion times better. So go to our site (we are working hard on improving the UX)  and book yours! If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always contact us at!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00.10
Total hours of sleep: 6.20
Mood: Tired, but man, we had fun today! I absolutely love my job.
Soundtrack of the day: Signed, sealed, delivered performed by the amazing P.Y.T’s!

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