Techstars London day 28: Things happen

Another week begins! Also, the beginning of the second month. Demo day approaching. Panic mode enabled.

Today we had our strategy session in the morning. 2 hours of a good discussion. Objectives, key metrics, alignment of strands: sales, product, marketing, development, etc. Prioritisation. Focus.

The past month was incredibly hard. We were getting bombarded with so much information and advice; hard to process at once – felt like being punched and not knowing where the punch is coming from. Completely exposed. Weaknesses and strengths. Today was about processing all that and coming up with a plan; and then from here, it’s all about execution. About working as a team to get sh*t done.

Today was a good day – a day to regain focus and start getting extra serious about things. Without stopping having fun. Chin up.

I foresee the blog posts becoming shorter. This is mainly because I will spend more time coding from now on and as much as my coding is incredibly interesting, I reckon most people care very little about it. But don’t you worry, I will keep reporting every day, even if it is just to swear and curse about how little sleep I am getting (which is improving: I got nearly 10 hours of sleep on Saturday… hell yes!).

Catch you later!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 23:30
Total hours of sleep: 7.23 (record on a week night!)
Mood: I was up and then down, and now I am up again. Cool story eh?
Soundtrack of the day:


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