Techstars London days 31 & 32: Emotional rollercoaster

Shout out: to all of you who have shown some love about my last post, #ILookLikeAnEngineer; it has been the most read and shared so far! You guys rock! Also, I am chuffed that people are noticing when I am not posting – I can tell you guys like the blog, so thanks! And now…it’s time to make some explanations…


This post is the one I was supposed to write on Thursday, but I couldn’t bear writing anything; I was planning on an explanation on Friday, but then the same thing happened then – I just had a couple of days that I couldn’t cope with it.

I was a bit emotional this week – especially Thursday; and as you know, Thursdays are drinking nights; and we all know what happens when you are feeling so so and you have one too many G&Ts.

The reasons are a combination of work and personal stuff (the latter too private to disclose on the Internet).

The Techstars process is incredibly intense; I know I have been pretty positive throughout my posts (and genuinely so). The last couple of days have been tough though. And don’t get me wrong, I am having the time of my life, I love everyone at the cohort, I get to see and work with my co-founders every day(*), but it still doesn’t change the fact that is so hard. Fun, but hard.

It’s long hours working, very little time to chill and even less time to sleep (on weekdays it has been an average of 5h/day – while I try to catch up on the weekends, it’s never enough).

We are constantly reminded of the challenges that we are facing as a company and we always need to move faster. Our roadmap is ambitious but we have a solid plan. My estimations for the 5 projects we have to work on puts the delivery date of the last project a bit later than Demo Day – aka the culmination of the program; I need to bring this delivery date before demo day, but with such a small team is going to be complicated.

Luckily we will be hiring a couple of fantastic people to join us. But then again, there’s a risk that Brooks’ Law kicks in(**). The projects have not started yet, still, the new hires will need some time to get up to speed with my codebases; the time to get familiar and productive depends from person to person but it will require some of my time to help them out. I have total faith we will deliver on time, but it’s not going to be easy.

Friday I thought I’d be feeling better, and during the day I was. Despite having 6 meetings which literally took all of my day, they were good. But I find meetings the most tiring thing on my pile of 100s of things to do. So by the end of it I was beyond knackered.

On Friday evening, Maria and I went to meet other wonderful women in tech for a karaoke session – It was fun, but I was not feeling physically well and there was more drinking involved. We finished early though and headed back to the office to rendezvous with Stan and some others that were still there emptying the beer fridge. I basically went back cause I needed to pick up my laptop, but ended up joining the gathering. It was a good laugh! Arrived home pretty late and not feeling at my best, to be honest.

So that’s it really, my friends, as much as I am a positive and energetic person, I need to allow myself to feel shit from time to time. And that’s ok, we are human after all.

I am sorry if I disappointed you a little bit with the posts coming a couple of days later. I hope this heartfelt post makes up for it 🙂 And I promise I will try to keep up writing on time. If anything, to keep Jon at bay (***)!

Good thing now though, you get double summaries! With double tunes (****)! Isn’t that exciting?

Summary for Thursday:

Time I fell sleep the night before: 00:39
Total hours of sleep: 6:20
Mood: Ok during the day, good during the drinks, not so good right after…
Soundtrack of the day:

Summary for Friday:

Time I fell sleep the night before: 1:49
Total hours of sleep: 3:39 (yes, this is how a shitty night sleep looks like on paper)
Mood: Good during the day – after that, no comment
Soundtrack of the day:

Summary for Saturday: I took the day off to spend it with my beloved boyfriend, who i am missing deeply throughout the process. Feeling much better now.

(*) We spent a year working remotely, with some of us working part-time and others full time. We really needed to come together as a team, and Techstars arrived just at the perfect time for us.

(**) I recommend reading the Mythical Man-Month by Fred Brooks. Essential for anyone managing software projects. 

(***) Much love to you Jon; you are better than my schedule. But Saturday at 8.30am. Seriously?! 😉

(****) I have created a playlist where I am putting all the songs from the posts and a few extra ones. Plenty of cool tunes there, so go ahead and follow it! 

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