Techstars London day 35: Keep your head up

New week. By this point I’ve lost count of actual weeks. But if I didn’t screw up the counting, which is pretty plausible because I tend to write these posts late at night after long work days, today should be day 35 (but it’s not, oops).

As soon as I arrived to the office, I dropped my bag and went onto my one on one meeting with Stan. We took Charlie (our CFO) for a walk. Even though we are a small and very close team, these chats are cathartic. And after last week it was very welcomed.

Rosario by the end of last week
Rosario by the end of last week

I gotta say, for being a Monday, today was amazing. I am feeling on top of the rollercoaster now. Today I only have good news.

Not only I finished off a couple of projects that were dragging for a bit longer than I would have liked, but one of the developers I was hoping to hire has decided he wants to join us!

This is fantastic news in so many levels. For one, he’s a great developer and I feel I can trust him without having to do any hand-holding. What this means: I will not be spread as thin; I will have more time to really focus on one of our biggest projects and we can hopefully achieve all we have planned for the Techstars period. Plus, there will be someone else other than me to be able to respond to emergencies if anything were to happen to me. It’s all win-win.

Productive days, I have noticed, come with attitude and the right music in your earphones. Today I was not gonna let my previous week get on the way and I enjoyed it. So much, I was dancing on my chair; I laughed, I had fun. I love my job.

Get out of the way, I am coming!
This week, get out of the way, I am coming!

But now I am tired and it’s time to call it a night. Tomorrow as (almost) always, more.

Head up, heart strong
Head up, heart strong

Summary of the day:

Time I fell sleep the night before: 00:42
Total hours of sleep: 6:07
Mood: Couldn’t have been better! Productive = Happy
Coffees: 3
Soundtrack of the day: Dreams

PS: Thanks Dom for your email again – you must be one of the nicest guys I’ve met during the Techstars adventure.
PS2: Thanks Stan and Maria for your support. You guys rock and I love you both. And Charlie too (obvs!).

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