Techstars London day 42: Long day, short post

Sorry guys, another day that you won’t get to know how awesome my weekend at the Techstars retreat was, but I just arrived home (23:42) from the office and I need to get some sleep.

A few updates though: Super-secret-project is coming along nicely and I got my new developer working with me today. It feels good to have a dev team!

Also, I found out something today that I am not happy about. And so, the song(s) tonight are dedicated to that. Those guys. Sleazy bastards.


And now, I am gonna code some more. See ya.

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 23:50
Total hours of sleep: 7.38
Mood: I went from tired, to happy, to angry, to totally determined. Deal with it.
Special soundtrack for those guys:
oh yes, and this:
aaaand this:

Because there’s always a song to express your feelings! Long live music! 

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