Techstars London day 43: More long hours = more progress = more tiredness

Today it was a good day. I decided to take the anger I was feeling yesterday and focus it on being more determined at work.

I am absolutely exhausted, so I apologise for the short posts lately. I didn’t get much sleep during last weekend and I realised those extra hours of sleep on weekends were crucial at keeping me afloat on week days.

Super-secret-project continues to get in shape so I am happy. But the last two days I have been in the office until late and now I just need to pass out in bed.

Today at about 2.17pm in front of the computer. Needed that 3rd coffee…

Tomorrow more. Good night!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:33
Total hours of sleep: 6:22
Mood: So exhausted now, that I look like a living zombie.
Coffees: 3
Soundtrack of the day: (I discovered this song today and it’s been on repeat since then!)

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