Techstars London day 44: What you should know about weekends

During this program, weekends are for sleeping. Period.

Last weekend was awesome in so many ways (special blog post on it coming I promise!), but I didn’t realise just how much the extra sleep I was getting during the weekends was helping me keeping focus during the week until there was a weekend where I didn’t get that much sleep.

Today there was a CTO meeting at 8.30am. The first one I was not able to go. You might wonder why; let me tell you: I was not able to get out of bed today. The alarm just kept going and my body was simply not responding. And it kept going for an hour. I basically woke up at 8am, which compared to the average during this program (6.30am) is incredibly late.

I was so tired today that my morning felt like a slow motion film. Even my walk to work was powerless. Arrived at 10am /o\

Had breakfast with the lovely Maria and then back to full speed on super-secret-project. Coming along nicely. Elsa, the designer also passed me some nice wireframes today that I will be implementing tomorrow. However, I reckon I might need a couple more days to finish it all. It all depends how productive I am tomorrow. And I reckon i just need to sleep a bit more. So I am gonna head to bed. Tomorrow more!

And remember, always always, during the Techstars program, make sure that if you don’t sleep much during the week, sleep as much as you can during the weekends!

Summary of the day:

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:18
Total hours of sleep: 7:40 (still not enough…)
Mood: Still tired
Soundtrack of the day: Awesome recommendation by Ben (genius curator at Ambie) today!

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