Techstars London Day ???: The comeback!

Hey there!

I felt like it was time to come back to blogging. Apologies for neglecting it, but it was either getting work done and sleep or getting work done and write the blog. Since getting work done is not optional, it was down to sleep or write the blog. And since without sleep work doesn’t get properly done, the blog had to go for a bit.

A lot has happened since my last blog post. To start with, I totally lost count of what day we are in; all I know now is there are less than 40 days remaining to demo day 😁.

It has been 19 days(*) since my last post, where I was basically desperate to have some sleep. No, I haven’t been sleeping since then, and yes, we have been working like crazy, but damn it feels good! Lots of achievements. Let’s start…

The super-secret-project was finished and released on time and the adoption has been spectacular! Now, you guessed well, we are working on a new project, which for easy reference we’ll call super-secret-project-2!

So, super-secret-project-2 is coming along nicely and I am hoping to have it finished by the end of this week. And after that, there are some other secret projects in the pipeline. There’s no stopping us now! Woop woop!

When it comes to Techstars, they have basically got out of the way (fewer meetings since last month) so we can focus on building, building and yes, more building. Good, that’s what we like! We do continue to have our deep dives every week, though they are shorter now.

An intensive period of pitch practice has started as well. By demo day, CEOs will have had to pitch more than 100 times. Good fun! I am just glad I am not the one having to do it 🙂 Good thing we have Stan who is pretty awesome at the whole pitching thing. Winning!

And finally today,we had our first Headliner Sessions! Here’s a post with pictures (**) so you can guess what it is all about. Very exciting stuff!

That’s all for now my friends. I cannot promise there will be a blog post tomorrow, but I will try. Though it’s gonna be hard, since we will be working until late.

But before that…a few stats…

Time I went to sleep last night: 00:12
Total hours of sleep: 5:30 (not much change here…)
Mood: Super positive and energised!
Soundtrack of the day: The Heavy – Same Ol’ (my latest musical obsession… there’s something about this song…)
Coffees: 1 (I have decided to cut down on them since I started getting some scary palpitations the other day…)

(*) or 2 weeks and 5 days; or 456 hours, or 27,360 minutes; or 1,641,600 seconds – It feels much longer than that. The time warping sensation hasn’t gone away…

(**) Also like and share the page with your peers! I bet someone is getting married or having a party, and need some cool music to get the party started!